Ahead of ‘Cheer’ Season 2, Choreographer Brad Vaughan Split With Navarro

PewDiePie and Brad FIGHT in PUBG
PewDiePie and Brad FIGHT in PUBG

Ahead of ‘Cheer’ Season 2, Choreographer Brad Vaughan Split With Navarro

After achieving massive overnight success and becoming a Netflix sensation, the hit docu-series Cheer returns to the streaming giant with a highly-anticipated second season. Like the first season, viewers witness the Navarro Junior College cheer squad prepare for the NCA College Nationals.

Though most of the original members hit the mat for a second time, a few individuals didn’t return for Season 2, including assistant coach Andy Cosferent and choreographer Brad Vaughan. We know that Andy stepped away from Cheer to work on further business ventures, but what about Brad? Why did Brad leave Navarro? Let’s find out!

Why did Brad Vaughan leave Navarro cheer?

Following the events of Cheer Season 1, Navarro’s lead choreographer Brad Vaughan departed from the reigning NCA College Champions in favor of their rival: Trinity Valley Community College. There, Brad choreographs the competitive cheer squad’s NCA College Nationals routine in hopes of bringing home a victory.

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As for why Brad’s unexpectedly exited Navarro, it’s not incredibly clear; however, Episode 2, titled “Here’s To We,” briefly skirts over the issues between Coach Monica and her former choreographer. Because of this, many Redditors discussed their thoughts on Brad’s exit in the Cheer subreddit.

“Based on what they said, it sounded like a clash of egos,” one Cheer fan wrote. “Monica likes to do the same(ish) routine each time, and has an ‘If it’s not broke, why fix it?’ mentality. It sounds like Brad wanted to freshen it up and maybe wanted to do his vision instead of Monica’s.”

Others believe that Brad left Navarro because TVCC offered him a hefty salary, or he’s simply petty about not receiving as much fame, and is “desperate for someone to use his ideas.”

Brad might have left Navarro due to feeling unappreciated for his work.

One Redditor takes us back to Season 1, where only the cheerleaders and coaches receive appreciation and notoriety for their work prior to the NCA College Nationals. Brad did a lot of the heavy lifting, so why did everyone overlook him and his accomplishments?

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“So if anyone has a cheer background, it would be very helpful, but, coming from a dance background, the choreographer is usually given recognition for their piece,” the Redditor stated. “It was a little weird to me in Season 1 that they speak a lot about the performers and the coaches, but there was no screen time for Brad — I can’t even recall if he was mentioned in passing.”

Who is the new Navarro Cheer choreographer?

With Brad out of the picture, his mentee and assistant choreographer Dahlston Delgado stepped up to the plate for Navarro. Per the Belton Journal, Dahlston “choreographs roughly between 75 to 85 routines a year” and travels around the world to do so.

Of his first year as head choreographer for Navarro, Dahlston said the job, along with the stress of filming the Netflix docu-series, was “one of the only times he got nervous going into choreography.”

“At the beginning, whenever I first met the producers, you never know what type of angle they were going to take it; it could have gone a completely different way, but we were super happy with how it came out,” he told the outlet.

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Seasons 1 and 2 of Cheer are now available to stream on Netflix.

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