‘Euphoria’ Star Hunter Schafer Has Rose-Gold Hair — See Photo

analyzing the outfits in euphoria ✨💄🎆
analyzing the outfits in euphoria ✨💄🎆

Whether she’s on- or off-screen, we can always expect Hunter Schafer to step out in a brightly-colored and elaborate makeup look. After all, the actress’s Euphoria character, Jules, is a key source of the show’s hyper-trendy makeup looks. A new hair color on Schafer, however, is the last thing we’d expect, as she’s exclusively worn white-blonde hair through her burgeoning modeling and acting careers. Leave it her to throw us for a curveball when people least expect it, though.

If you thought rose-gold beauty trends were long out of style, think again. On October 14, Schafer arrived at a red-carpet event with a subtle new take on the hue to match her watercolor-inspired pink makeup. The color itself is rather subdued and looks to be applied all over her hair, save for two long tendrils in the front section that remain her usual shade of platinum. How she achieved this color — or whether or not it’s permanent — has yet to be confirmed by a stylist, but there are many possibilities. Toners, tints, color-depositing conditioners, and temporary hair sprays are just a few of the ways she could’ve pulled off the look. The fact that her tendrils remain untouched, though, is a solid hint that she may be taking a quick trip around the block with this color.

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