The Originals EP Justifies Cami’s Fate, the Latest Casualty and More Twists

Originals 5×12 Hope meets Hayley \u0026 Jackson on the Other Side
Originals 5×12 Hope meets Hayley \u0026 Jackson on the Other Side

“The Originals giveth, and The Originals taketh away.”

I wrote that about the CW drama’s midseason finale in December, but it rings even more true after Friday’s return, a hectic hour that sealed the fates (for better or worse) of two key players.

Executive producer Michael Narducci spoke with reporters about this week’s game-changers, but first, a quick recap of the events:

Cami awoke to reveal she was compelled to slit her own throat after drinking Aurora’s blood; Hayley was forced to watch in horror as Tristan ripped out Jackson’s heart; Vincent aligned himself with Elijah and Freya to retrieve the Serratura (and Hayley); and the Mikaelsons turned Tristan’s followers against him.

Now, here’s a peek into the future for each of the Big Easy’s remaining residents:

CAMI | It should come as no surprise that Cami “is in for a long transition in discovering who she is as a vampire,” per Narducci, who hints that she’ll want to explore the “dark impulses” we learned about earlier this season. “She’s going to swing in the way of exploring her impulses and embracing the newfound power that she has.” And yes, you should definitely be worried about Klaus being her guide. “Klaus isn’t genetically engineered to be a good influence,” Narducci reminds us. “There’s a chance this path will bring out the worst in both of them.”

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KLAUS | Speaking of Cami’s new tutor, we can apparently expect big surprises from Klaus in the second half of Season 3: Not only is he finally making amends with Hayley, but he’s also “learning from some of his mistakes!” Moving forward, “there are also going to be some really tragic moments that will shake … Klaus to his core. The finale will be heartbreaking and tragic, as our finales tend to be.”

HAYLEY & ELIJAH | Before doing anything else, Hayley will mourn Jackson, experiencing the full “anger, pain, denial, acceptance, grievance” process. “Phoebe’s a beautiful, amazing performer,” Narducci adds. “She will show you that grief.” He also hints at a “burgeoning friendship between her and someone whose name [he] cannot say,” as well as “some really beautiful things” between Hayley and Elijah. “Him trying to comfort her, her wanting to accept that comfort, but knowing it’s wrong, given their past [and] feelings they have for one another.”

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DAVINA | “We wanted her to disappear so you could get a sense [that] being shunned sucks,” Narducci says of Danielle Campbell’s M.I.A. character. “No one’s talking to you, you don’t have any power anymore. She’s almost a homeless teen living New Orleans trying to get by.” Fortunately, she’s poised for a “major” comeback, one that could involve her finally being reunited with Kol (in either body). “She’s going to reach out,” Narducci says, adding that “we may be seeing in some form … a reconnection between Davina and Kol.”

Generally speaking, Narducci says this season is “about how people who come into the orbit of this family are just as cursed as the family … and it’s going to get worse before it gets better.”

Are you excited to see Cami’s future as a vampire? And are you as bummed as I am about Jackson? Grade the winter premiere below, then drop a comment with your hopes for the rest of Season 3.

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