Why Choreographer Brad Vaughan Left Navarro on Netflix’s Cheer

Wait… is Giant Bomb Ending? The End of an Era.
Wait… is Giant Bomb Ending? The End of an Era.

Netflix’s hit reality series, Cheer, has finally returned for a second season and the stakes have never been higher. The show takes viewers into the world of competitive cheerleading while documenting the successes and shortcomings of the Navarro Junior College Bulldogs Cheer Team in Corsicana, Texas. This season, Navarro isn’t going down without a fight as the team prepares for the NCA College Nationals and defends its championship crown against a few factors — including their latest rivals at Trinity Valley Community College.

Choreographer Brad Vaughan played an important part in season 1 as he helped create the routines Navarro performed at different cheer competitions. Once season 2 premiered, fans noticed that he wasn’t around as much and even took to Reddit to discuss their theories. So, if you’re wondering where Brad is this season on Cheer, find all the details ahead.

Who is Brad Vaughan and why did he leave Navarro?

Last season, Brad Vaughan was the choreographer for Navarro, where he came up with routines they’d perform at national-level cheer competitions. In season 2, he stepped down as the choreographer for the reigning NCA College Champions and went on to work with their rivals at Trinity Valley Community College (Um, Alexa… play “Traitor” by Olivia Rodrigo). There’s no confirmation as to why Brad left Navarro but the second episode of the new season briefly gives viewers a glimpse into the issues Brad and Coach Monica had in the past.

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Since Brad left Navarro, former assistant choreographer Dahlston Delgado took the opportunity to help the team and choreograph its routines. The Belton Journal reports that Dahlston travels the world to choreograph “75 to 85 routines a year.” Dahlston revealed that his first year as head choreographer for Navarro (on top of filming the Netflix series) was one of the only times he got nervous going into choreography.

Fans think Brad didn’t feel appreciated by the team

Upon Brad’s exit from Navarro, Cheer fans were quick to share their theories as to why he left on the show’s subreddit. “Based on what they said it sounded like a clash of egos,” one user wrote. “Monica likes to do the same(ish) routine each time, [with a] ‘if it’s not broke why fix it?’ mentality. And it sounds like Brad wanted to freshen it up and maybe wanted to do his vision instead of Monica’s?”

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Others chimed in with their theories that Trinity Valley is potentially paying Brad more for his services, but that he probably wanted more recognition for his work.

“SO if anyone has a cheer background, it would be very helpful, but coming from a dance background, the choreographer is usually given recognition for their piece,” another fan wrote before they admitted that Brad’s screen time in season 1 — or lack, thereof — was kiiiinda weird. “I can’t even recall if he was mentioned in passing. Again, maybe in the cheer world it’s different, but the choreographer should always be acknowledged, and because that didn’t happen, he may not have been able to reap the benefits of the success of season one like everyone else,” they finished.

Brad, Coach Monica, and the rest of the Cheer cast have yet to confirm the reasoning behind his exit.

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